What I will take from
my experience in France?


You will get a degree of an internationally renowned education system

On demand of Campus France and in agreement with its supervision ministries, TNS Sofres has carried out for the second time, from 5 July to 16 October 2013, an international study among foreign students unique in its process and extent.
This survey was carried out through the Internet, and jointly focusing on students about to start a higher education period in France (sample 1), currently carrying out studies in France (sample 2) and having completed their studies (sample 3). About 20,000 students from the three samples have responded to the study.
The results of this study confirm that France is a good place to study in terms education quality.

Training funded and certified by the French government
Training funded and certified by the French government


What are the main assets of France as a study destination?

“French higher education is of good quality”
Said students surveyed (sample 1: 83%, sample 2 and 3: 86%)

“The learning and teaching methods are of good quality”
Answered students surveyed (sample 1: 78%, sample 2 an and 3: 80%)

“The tuition fees are attractive”
Said students surveyed (sample 1: 73%, sample 2 and 3: 77%)

Read the whole survey on Campus France website (only in French)
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You will live a multicultural adventure…

Beyond learning a new language, you will learn a new culture, you will get into French culture and this is an evident asset if you plan to work in a French environment.
But also, be sure to meet other students from the whole world.
Making friends from all over the world is a great opportunity to understand other cultures and to overcome prejudices. It is a great way to open up to new cultures and it will be an undeniable asset to work in a multicultural environment.

Training funded and certified by the French government
Training funded and certified by the French government


… but also a bureaucratic adventure !

To conclude, a little bit of self-mockery. Studying in France is a human, academic but also… a bureaucratic adventure!

You probably heard about French Administration reputation but Campus France will be on your side to help you step by step. And even if you meet some difficulties, you will overcome them and be proud of yourself!

Anyway, the more you learn from local French culture, the more impactful your study abroad experience in France will be !

Learn everything about administrative formalities on Campus France website



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