Bear in mind that the below mentioned costs may change significantly from one city to another.


Tuition Fees

  • If you study at University you will pay between € 184 and € 610.
  • If you study in a private institution, you will pay between € 3,000 and € 10,000.

To learn more about tuition fees visit our dedicated section.

Tuitions fees
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  • If you live in a student hall, you will pay between 150 and 350 euros depending on the surface and on the localization
  • If you live in a furnished studio flat, you will pay from 300 euros to more than 800 euros in Paris

Check out our accommodation section

In some case you will have to pay utility costs:

  • Around € 30 for electricity


Food and groceries

In France, the world capital of gourmet dining, most people eat three meals a day: breakfast in the morning, lunch at around 1 pm, and dinner at around 8 pm. Lunch and dinner are full meals.
For daily meals you can't do better than the 450 university restaurants. Prices at the "restau-u" (restau-u stands for restaurant universitaire that’s means University Restaurant) are unbeatable: You get a complete meal for € 3,15. Anyone holding a student card has free access to the entire network of restaurants. Some are open at night and on weekends.
Spot you restau-u

Be prepared to spend between € 200 and € 300 per month for your meals.

Training funded and certified by the French government
Training funded and certified by the French government


Transportation costs

The transportation costs can significantly change from one city to another. They may also depend on the distance you have to travel. Transportation companies generally offer attractive prices for students.
Be prepared to pay between € 15 and € 50 per month.

You will find below the student fares for all the cities mentioned in this virtual fair


Aix en Provence













€ 100 per year

€ 267 per year

Between € 20 and € 32 per month

Between € 23 and € 28 per month

€ 315 per year

€ 21 per month

€ 270 per year

€ 28,60 per month and € 228,50 per year

€ 350 per year

€ 132 per year

€ 10 per month

€ 27,60 per month


Health Insurance Cost

France offers medical and health services for students, including preventive and wellness services. French health-care coverage, provided under the social security system ("Sécurité sociale"), is of very high quality. Covered individuals are reimbursed for a portion of their medical expenses in return for a low basic payment. For students, that payment reaches € 217. You join the plan at your higher education institution when you register for classes at the beginning of the academic year. Participation in the plan is mandatory for non-European students.

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communication coast


Communication costs

Mobile Phones

Choosing an adequate cell phone plan is an important step. It is a way to keep in touch with your family and friends in your home country but also a way to be connected to your new acquaintances in France! Take the time to compare all the services to find an offer that meet your needs!
There are four major phone companies: SFR, Free, Bouygues Telecom and Orange

They offer

prepaid phone cards

starting from € 3,90 per month or cell phone plans starting from around € 2 and going up to € 30 depending on the range of services you choose.


Internet service

They also provide Internet service.
Having an Internet access will help you to keep in touch with your family and to be connected to your new acquaintances in France. But it will also be essential for your studies!
As well as your phone plan, take the time to choose an offer that meets your needs!
In some cases, Internet service will be included in your rent but in other cases, you will have to subscribe to an Internet plan. Internet plans cost from € 10 to 45 depending on the services and the company you chose.


Social life costs

It is also important to include costs of your social life in your budget. Here are some guide prices:

Cinema ticket


Restaurant lunch

Restaurant dinner




Beer (pint)

Wine (small glass)

1 load of wash in a laundromat

€ 7-8

€ 15-35

€ 10-20

€ 15-30

€ 0,85

€ 3-6

€ 1-2

€ 4-7

€ 3-5

€ 4-5

Social life coast
Student job


Student job

Living abroad as a student is quite expensive but you also have the opportunity to make money! Check out our section dedicated to student jobs!

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