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The Université de Lorraine, a university …

… of knowledge, the Université de Lorraine promotes the sharing of knowledge. From the basic sciences to the human and social sciences, we create trans-disciplinary systems for innovation, to quicken the transition between knowledge and application.

… in the heart of Europe, the Université de Lorraine can rely on a network of partner universities in the Greater Region (Luxembourg, Liège, Sarrebrücken, Trier and Kaiserslautern) and in the world. It bases its international influence on the mobility of researchers, teacher-researchers and students and on the internationalization of its training.

…with 5 centuries of history, the Université de Lorraine is pioneer in the collaboration between arts, technologies and industry, its action embodies nowadays in innovative projects such as ARTEM (ARt, TEchnology,Management), the Institut Jean Lamour, the Institut Lafayette or the Biopôle.

Key Facts

56 800 Students
in all programs
Nancy and Metz
14 % of international
6 850 employees


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Nathalie FICK
91 Avenue de la Libération,
54001 Nancy

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