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Founded in 1925, as Ecole Polytechnique Féminine, EPF was one of the first engineering schools in France to train women. It has been co-educational since 1994. Since then and for more than 90 years, EPF - Graduate School of Engineering, Sceaux (in the southern suburbs of Paris), has been preparing its graduates for a changing and more and more globalized world.

EPF has educated decision makers in a variety of disciplines in public and private sectors. It offers a global, generalist, multidisciplinary and multilingual education. EPF graduates not only possess excellent professional skills sought by leading enterprises and recruiters, but, our tudents benefit from a truly international environment.
Focused on academic excellence and innovative teaching methods, EPF also plays a pioneering role in the promotion of diversity and equal opportunity in higher education.

Thanks to its experience in educating women engineers, EPF remains one of the engineering schools in France with the most women in its student body (40%). EPF has educated 8700 alumnae and alumni for all sectors of manufacturing and service industries. All EPF engineering degrees awarded – some in collaboration with foreign universities – are recognized by the official French Accreditation Board for Engineering (Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur).
The education of the generalist engineer combines scientific, technical and technological courses. The curriculum enables the graduate engineer to participate in research, to manage projects considering all their aspects (economic, financial, human relations etc.) and to exercise their talents in a variety of sectors in France and abroad. Since 1984, EPF students have been able to benefit from international experience, whether in the form of internships or study abroad.
Nowadays a growing European Union and globalizing of trade have made international training essential. The main reason for going abroad is that it is a character building experience, which develops the student’s autonomy, adaptability, knowledge and respect for differences, and his or her tolerance. All these qualities are sought after by 21st century companies.



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Key Facts

2 100 Students
in all programs
Sceaux (Paris), Montpellier, Troyes
15 % of international
140 employees


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