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Interested by a material which is universal, creative, renewable, sustainable, multi-use, and esthetic? Willing to find an original, source of success and meaningful career?
ESB trains managers and experts for the various fields of the international wood industry.
This Engineering Graduate school, one of the most famous European Institute in Wood Science and Technology Higher Education, is a non-profit association under the supervision of the French Ministry of Agriculture and Higher Education and a « Conférence des Grandes Écoles » member.
This human sized Academy of 400 students is specialized in courses adapted to the needs of the wood industry and run by themselves. The engineer in wood science and technology is first and foremost a professional with a practical background, high transversal scientific expertise and well-defined technical skills necessary to integrate a company.
The curriculum is based on wood science and technology and includes management, business, law, marketing, foreign languages and communication.
Education is mostly based on project management approach enabling students from, in average, 12 different countries to work and progress together.

The three or two year curriculum is taught in French and there is a possible additional year of intensive French courses at Nantes University before starting the engineering programme. One international 6 months programme about International Timber trade is provided fully in English.

More than 2500 graduate engineers, researchers, junior managers have reached top management positions in France and worldwide, within companies of the wood industry in the following fields: research, sustainable forest management, construction, Industrial logistics and production, trade, auditing...

ESB Group now attracts more than 25% of foreign students and can offer all students the possibility to study abroad for one semester in 35 countries.
A network of more than 1200 companies either in France and abroad also contribute to ESB international mobility through internships (in 50 countries) and projects.

Come and stay in one of the most attractive French city in Europe. Nantes is the sixth largest city in France, with 600 000 inhabitants and 47 000 students. This European metropolis is recognized for its art festivals, exhibitions, concerts, shows and various creations.

Nantes was the European Green Capital city in 2013, thanks to its number of parks, rivers which cross the city and sustainable public transport network. Ideally located, Nantes is just 30 minutes from the sea and 2 hours from London and Paris. Its international airport is connected to the world: 6 flights a day, more than 100 international countries connected daily.

Looking forward to welcoming you soon in Nantes!



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Key Facts

400 Students
in all programs
20 % of international
42 employees


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