Higher learning in graphic and digital design

L’école BRASSART has been specialized in Graphic Arts since 1949. Generations of professionals from various graphic art and illustration professions have followed with the same desire.
Digital design is at the heart of our program, but without forgetting the bases: the mastery of drawing, the key to success in the graphic art world. Our students ally passion and professionalism; they are among the thousands of students to have trusted us over the past 68 years and make up L’école Brassart’s family.

The program takes place over 4 years: a preparatory class, followed by 3 years of study. After having acquired the necessary artistic techniques and software knowledge (page layout, photo modification, multimedia, 3D), research projects and applied situations put students into all of the professional situations they may encounter: consumer goods communication, corporate public relations, branding, editing…

Employment prospects: Our students are hired in the creative branches of communication agencies, in event planning, direct marketing, or even visual identity. They also feel at home working for advertisers in graphic and multimedia studios. They go on to become art directors, model makers, roughman, graphic design artists, computer graphics designers, designers, webdesigners, illustrators, 3D illustrators. Once they have become experts in their domain, they can even consider working freelance.

The school is located in Tours, Nantes and Caen

1 rue Léo-Delibes, bâtiment B
37200 Tours

15, rue Lamoricière
44100 Nantes

8 rue du Pr. Rousselot
14000 Caen



Key Facts

500 Students
in all programs
The school is located in Tours, Nantes and Caen

240km > Paris
1 % of international
25 employees


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1 rue Léo Délibes, Bat. B ,
37200 Tours

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